Kategooria Name Realization, date Materials, technique Condition Conservation Workshop Date, conservator Owner
pilt_2022 FREE STATE Statistical poster on the killed and 1920 mechanical pulp paper, colour pigments, The diagram-poster drawn and coloured by hand was very dusty, torn into The following tests were conducted in the course of conservation work: Preservation Department of the Estonian Historical Archives 2007, Sirje Vesi Estonian Historical Archives
pilt_2051 FREE STATE Peace treaty between Estonia and Russia, 1920 mechanical pulp paper, printed work, signatures The prints were soiled, and the paper had turned yellowish and brittle. Both The following tests were carried out before conservation work began: paper Preservation Department of the Estonian Historical Archives 2002, Maie Valkmaa Estonian National Archives
pilt_2347 GOLDEN HOME Laboratooriumi Street in Tallinn / By the Sick-Bed 1920 canvas, oil painting The way the canvas was attached to the base frame suggested that the painting One of the main tasks was to render the previously restored work Conservation and Restoration Department of the Art Museum of Estonia 2007, Helje Vernomasing Art Museum of Estonia
pilt_2774 GOLDEN HOME VIIe Olympiade Anvers 1920. Prix 1920 paper, colour lithography and manuscript (gall ink) The diploma was torn in two and rolled up. It was generally soiled, torn, In the course of conservation work, the print-free fields and the reverse OÜ Mandragora 2003, Reet Sonn Estonian Sports Museum