Kategooria Name Realization, date Materials, technique Condition Conservation Workshop Date, conservator Owner
pilt_2215 FREE STATE Panoramic photo of farm riches (copy showcased) 1920s–1930s black-and-white photo on a paper base, cardboard The photo, together with the cardboard base, was deformed and torn in half. In the course of conservation work, the photo was removed from the Conservation Centre Kanut 2004, Vilja Sillamaa Private person
pilt_2388 GOLDEN HOME Wallpaper fragments 1920s–1930s thin paper with a small amount of adhesive, The wallpaper fragments, with thick base cardboard and glue traces, were In the course of conservation work, the wallpaper fragments were Conservation Centre Kanut 2005, Merily Paomets and Vilja Sillamaa Office of the President of the Estonian Republic
pilt_2410 GOLDEN HOME Oil lamp 1920s–1930s glass, tin plate, mixed technique: stamping, soldering, The lamp’s reflector was rusted and the burner was oxidised. In the course of conservation work, the burner and the oil container Conservation Centre Kanut 1999, Helmut Välja Võrumaa Museum
pilt_2650 GOLDEN HOME Doll furniture: table and chair 1920s–1930s wood, three-layered plywood, nails The plywood of the doll furniture was in good condition, the rusted nails were In the course of conservation work, the objects were cleaned and waxed Conservation Centre Kanut 1999, Kalmer Allik Museums of the Virumaa Foundation
pilt_2797 GOLDEN HOME Plaquette ‘Estonian Championship in Greco-Roman 1920s–1930s copper, casting The plaquette was dirty, soiled, oxidised, and the furrows In the course of conservation work, the object was treated Conservation Centre Kanut 2001, Helmut Välja Estonian Sports Museum