Kategooria Name Realization, date Materials, technique Condition Conservation Workshop Date, conservator Owner
pilt_2069 FREE STATE Wall-hanging coats of arms of the Estonian Republic 1930s plaster, polychromy The reliefs were cracked and the plaster was crumbling, the surface was soiled, The surface underwent dry treatment, loose details were re-attached Conservation Centre Kanut 2003, Ruth Treimut Võrumaa Museum
pilt_2090 FREE STATE Portrait of Konstantin Päts 1930s photo, leather, cardboard, ink and stamp The black-and-white photo was glued on a passe-partout base (photo: 4). The cover In the course of conservation work, the leather surfaces of the frame, Conservation Centre Kanut 2003, Vilja Sillamaa (photo), Reet Brido (leather frame) Estonian History Museum
pilt_2455 GOLDEN HOME Child’s dress 1930s woollen fabric woven from homespun yarn on a figure The dress was in satisfactory condition. There was a larger, 7–8-cm In the course of conservation work, the holes were filled in by stitching, Department of Collections and Maintenance of the Estonian Open Air Museum 2008, Liili Aasma Estonian Open Air Museum
pilt_2835 GOLDEN HOME Boudoir doll 1930s ceramic mould, cotton, pure silk, velvet, Brussels lace, This is a typical textile doll, with the head made of light-coloured multilayer In the course of conservation work, the doll’s frame was restored, the Conservation Centre Kanut 2007–2008, Ruth Paas Tartu Toy Museum
pilt_2664 GOLDEN HOME Toy dog 1930s linen fabric, silk ribbon, fur, sawdust, plastic eyes, The acidic sawdust used for stuffing the dog caused the linen fabric to In the course of conservation work, a cotton base fabric structurally in Conservation Laboratory of the Estonian National Museum 1991, 1997, 2003, Laili Kuusma and Inge Tuvike Estonian National Museum
pilt_2791 GOLDEN HOME Teaspoon 1930s iron, silver, gold-plating The general condition of the teaspoon was very poor: it was permeated with In the course of conservation work, the object underwent the following Conservation Centre Kanut 2007, Helmut Välja Estonian Sports Museum