Kategooria Name Realization, date Materials, technique Condition Conservation Workshop Date, conservator Owner
pilt_2134 FREE STATE Blue-black-white (battle) flag of the June 5.1919 (light) blue broadcloth, black gauze, white calico, The three flag straps of different materials were worn and full of holes, the In the course of conservation work, the flag had been cleaned (dry Conservation Centre Kanut 2007, Heige Peets (repairing) Estonian History Museum
pilt_2090 FREE STATE Portrait of Konstantin Päts 1930s photo, leather, cardboard, ink and stamp The black-and-white photo was glued on a passe-partout base (photo: 4). The cover In the course of conservation work, the leather surfaces of the frame, Conservation Centre Kanut 2003, Vilja Sillamaa (photo), Reet Brido (leather frame) Estonian History Museum
pilt_2425 GOLDEN HOME A lady’s outfit: dress, bolero jacket and purse 1936–1937 dress – brocade, machine and handmade stitches, The dress and bolero jacket had lost their initial shape, the fabric was In the course of conservation work, the garments and the accessory Conservation Centre Kanut 1999, Ruth Paas Estonian History Museum
pilt_2428 GOLDEN HOME Hats from the 1920s to the first half of the 1940s beige artificial straw with machine stitches imitating The hats were dusty, shapeless, broken at the seams in In the course of conservation work, the hats were washed (neutral Conservation Centre Kanut 1999, Anna Dmitrijeva Estonian History Museum