Kategooria Name Realization, date Materials, technique Condition Conservation Workshop Date, conservator Owner
pilt_2111 FREE STATE Monument sketch 1927 polychrome wooden sculpture The composition is made up of boxes with mortised sides and nailed-up ‘covers’ In the first phase of conservation work, analyses were conducted to Conservation and Restoration Department of the Art Museum of Estonia 2006-2007, Isabel Aaso Art Museum of Estonia
pilt_2378 GOLDEN HOME Furniture set Workshop of A. Wunderlich and E. Birk, ‘Novel Furniture’ 1938 wood, reeds, joinery and carving, intarsia, caning The sideboard (photo: 1-3), table and In the course of conservation work, the construction of the sideboard Conservation Centre Kanut 2004, Viljar Talimaa (table), Asso Peever (chairs), Art Museum of Estonia, Adamson-Eric Museum
pilt_2395 GOLDEN HOME Flower table with gypsy locks early 1930s pinewood, handmade object made with traditional The flower table was severely soiled and had moisture damage. The upper In the course of conservation work, the table was taken completely Conservation Laboratory of the Estonian National Museum 2006, Roland Suits Estonian National Museum
pilt_2650 GOLDEN HOME Doll furniture: table and chair 1920s–1930s wood, three-layered plywood, nails The plywood of the doll furniture was in good condition, the rusted nails were In the course of conservation work, the objects were cleaned and waxed Conservation Centre Kanut 1999, Kalmer Allik Museums of the Virumaa Foundation